pretend to love you Bonus Scene


The water lapping against the wooden piles that hold up our over-water bungalow makes a soothing, gentle sound, that brings me awake slowly. Lily’s draped over me, and if it weren’t for the fan spinning overhead, I’d probably be sweating. Tahiti is hot. But my wife is hotter.


That’s a word I never expected to say… Especially not about the woman in my arms. If you’d told me, five years ago, that I would be happy coaching a WHL team, living in a house in Dogwood Cove, married to my sister’s best friend, I probably would’ve laughed at you. Or flipped my middle finger.

But here I am. Not just happy, but content. Settled. Peaceful. It took a while to get here, but Lily’s never-ending sunshine lit the way for me.

“Mmm, it’s early.” Lily’s face nuzzles into my chest as she mumbles sleepily. I kiss the top of her head, shifting onto my side so I can pull her warm, naked body into mine even closer. Our legs are tangled together, she smells like the coconut body wash from the shower we took when we arrived last night. 

“Sorry baby. Keep sleeping,” I whisper, stroking her hair back gently.

She lets out an adorable huff. “No, I’m awake now.”

I let out a grumble of discontent as she pulls away from my arms, and moves to sit on the side of the bed, stretching her arms overhead. I can’t help but lean in and kiss the smooth skin of her back, running my hands up her sides so I can gently massage her shoulders.

“You should turn around if you’re gonna do that,” I tease. Lily looks at me over her shoulder, with a curious smirk. “So I can see these when you stretch.” My hands cup her breasts, toying with her nipples as she lets out a laugh.

“Then we’d never get out of bed.”

I arch my brow at her, questioning why that’s a bad thing without ever saying a word. Lily shakes her head, but she’s smiling. My sunshine is always smiling these days.

She goes to stand up, giving me a perfect view of her ass. Pert, round, soft yet strong. I love it.

I love her.

“I’m going for a swim. Want to join me?”

I nod, but lay back down, putting my arms behind my head as I watch my beautiful wife go to the suitcases we still haven’t unpacked and lift out a bikini. It’s white, and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been salivating waiting to see it on her.

The sound of my cellphone ringing is a very unwelcome interruption from my drooling over my wife’s hotness.

As I’m reaching for it, Lily whirls around, wearing only her bikini bottoms. With her hands on her hips and her top half bare, she’s a fucking warrior goddess. But my goddess is scowling at me.

“Why is that ringing, Jude?”

I give her an apologetic shrug. “I texted everyone last night to say we arrived, guess I forgot to turn it off.” My eyes dart down, trying to be subtle about seeing who’s calling. When I see the name of the GM for the Ravens I wince.

“Oh no. Don’t you dare answer that, Jude Donnelly, it’s our honeymoon.”

I look at her, and I know my eyes are pleading for her forgiveness. “c’mon sunshine, Brody wouldn’t call if it wasn’t important.” 

Lily just raises her eyebrows. We stare off for a second, before she relaxes her shoulders with a huff. “You have five minutes before I take matters into my own hands.” With that mysterious statement, she turns back to her suitcase and grabs her bikini top and a sarong, as I dial back my GM.

“Brody, this better be critical,” I growl when he answers on the first ring.

Unfortunately for me, it is. One of our players got injured while on vacation, and now we’ve got to discuss his future. It’s a situation all too familiar to me, and the sympathy I feel for my player is deep. It takes longer than five minutes to get off the call, but I eventually do, after extracting a solemn oath from Brody that he will not call again unless the arena is burning.

By the time I’m in my bathing suit and heading outside to find Lily, she’s not swimming anymore. I scan the large deck surrounding our bungalow, until I see the hammock swaying back and forth. Striding over, I come up short when I see Lily with her bikini top off, and her hand down the front of her bottoms.

“Wife, what are you doing?” I growl, closing the distance between us. Her eyes flutter open and she licks her lips as she stares up at me, seduction brimming in her beautiful grey eyes.

“Taking things into my own hands. You were more than five minutes, and I do believe on the plane you promised me a minimum of five orgasms daily. I was close to taking care of number one for you.” She goes to close her eyes and her fingers start to move, but that’s not happening.

I sweep her into my arms as she shrieks with laughter, her bikini falling to the wooden floor as her arms lace around my neck. Leaning down, I suck one nipple into my mouth, letting my teeth bite down gently before releasing it. “All of your orgasms belong to me, sunshine. Every single fucking one.”

We reach the bed quickly, and I drop her onto it unceremoniously before pushing down my swim shorts. Lily lifts up on her elbows and eyes me saucily. “Well then all of your attention belongs to me, husband. No more phone calls.”

I shake my head as I climb onto the bed over top of her, pausing only to untie the strings holding her bikini bottoms on. Once she’s fully naked, I grab her and pull her up the bed fully. “No more calls. I promise. Just you, me, and plenty of orgasms.”

“For the rest of our lives?” She asks, and I nod slowly, lowering my head to kiss her upturned lips deeply.

“Forever, sunshine. That’s how long I’m going to love you.”


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