Loving Callie

A doctor walks into a bar… 

Callie Scott works tirelessly to help her patients as an emergency room physician, and just as tirelessly to try and please her uptight, conservative parents. She’s successful at one, and not the other. The only thing powerful enough to make her question her reluctant obedience is the love of a man who will help her see that she deserves to be happy on her own terms.

Jake Evans has one goal: To open a brew pub in honor of his late grandfather. Falling for the gorgeous doctor who stitches up his arm after a renovation accident is not part of his plan. But when their paths keep crossing, he realizes letting love in might be the best decision he’ll ever make.

Their relationship will put everything on the line for Callie, as she has to choose between the only family she’s ever known, and the future Jake promises her.

Read the debut novel reviewers say is “Everything I want in a contemporary romance” and “An insta-love story done right.”

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Protecting Anna

Anna Thorn is desperate to start over. She’s running from a dangerous past, and looking for a safe harbor. Feeling an instant connection with the bartender at the pub she ends up in is not something she’s ready for, but their chemistry cannot be denied.

Ryan Carlisle is ready to put his playboy days behind him and settle down. His path to finding love won’t be easy, since the first and only woman to stir his protective instincts and make him dream of forever, is running scared, and only looking for a place to start over.  Not a relationship. 

Learning to trust themselves, and each other, will open Ryan and Anna’s hearts to a love that is worth any risk. But can their love survive the ultimate test when Anna’s past comes looking for her?

Trigger Warning: This book alludes to a violent relationship.

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Serenading Reagan

Reagan Grant has been attracted to Chase McCormick ever since she first saw him perform at The Lucky Strike. The tattooed musician is the star of all her fantasies, but when fantasy becomes reality, she panics. After all, sexy guitarists like him don’t normally go for curvy, wannabe bakery owners… Do they?

When Chase moved to Portland, he vowed to keep his demons and past mistakes hidden. He never let anyone get too close to figure out who he really was. It’s a lonely life to live, and now Chase is done trying to keep away from the beautiful woman who haunts his dreams and makes his heart race. Reagan could be the missing piece to complete his new life away from the spotlight, and he won’t stop until he’s broken through every wall she’s built around her heart.

But Chase can’t keep running from his past, and when his secrets are revealed, he’ll have to get Reagan to believe that the man he is now, needs her more than ever.

Romancing Melanie

Melanie Haynes is perfectly content living her single life. At least that’s what she tells herself every day, especially when she’s around her friend Noah Carlisle. They’ve got a good thing going as just friends, and she’s far too busy with her career as an ER physician to mess with it. Not to mention the last time she let herself fall in love, her heart got ripped out and stomped on.

Noah is determined to prove to Melanie that they are meant to be together. He’s waited long enough, building a solid friendship with the woman who guards her heart with walls that are ten feet high. But when his life changes in an instant, he’ll need his friend in ways neither of them could have predicted.

Real feelings are not part of the agreement, but how can she keep her heart protected, when emotions become involved and just pretending to be together isn’t enough?