Lucky Strike Boxset

Loving Callie

A doctor walks into a bar, and walks out falling in love. Bar owner Jake Evans never expected to fall for ER physician Callie Scott. But sparks fly between them and their chemistry cannot be denied. Start the Lucky Strike Lovers series today for free and read the book reviewers say is “insta-love done right” and “everything I want in a contemporary romance.”


Protecting Anna

Bartender Ryan Carlisle is ready to leave his playboy days behind. He used to believe commitment was something to be wary of but watching his best friend fall in love and get engaged has him starting to think differently. His path to finding love won’t be easy, since the first and only woman to stir his protective instincts and make him dream of forever, is running scared and looking for a place to start over.


Serenading Reagan

Reagan Grant has had a crush on Chase McCormick ever since she first saw him perform. The tattooed musician who plays at The Lucky Strike is everything she desires and everything she is terrified of. After all, sexy guitarists like him don’t normally go for voluptuous, wannabe bakery owners… Do they?


Romancing Melanie

Melanie Haynes is perfectly content living the single life. She’s got a great career as an ER physician, amazing friends, and absolutely no plans for a relationship in her future. Which means she simply must keep her pesky attraction to Noah Carlisle hidden, and their relationship platonic, no matter what her heart tries to say about it.


And as a special bonus, Marrying Callie

Join the Lucky Strike Lovers on Jake and Callie’s wedding day in this exclusive bonus scene, never before published.