Seductive Swimmer


Detached. Driven. Focused.

These are the qualities that have helped me achieve greatness in my life. They led me to several Olympic medals in swimming, and now I own a thriving restaurant business.

What they haven’t done is prepare me for Savannah Reese.

She’s clumsy, awkward, nerdy, and determined to make me question everything I ever believed to be true about myself. I thought I had allI wanted in life, until she showed me what I had been missing.

But she refuses to fall for my charm, especially once she’s hired by my business partner as a consultant. The problem is, being around her outside of the pool only makes me crave her more.

The only thing we have in common is a passion for swimming. And a passion for each other.

I need her. I want her. I must have her. And for the first time ever, I just might want more than one night only with a woman.



I came to New York for a fresh start and to prove that I could make it on my own. So far, so good. I’ve got a place to live, a job, friends, and cheap wine and cheetos to keep me company at night.

I thought I was happy. Okay, I thought I was content.

Until Alexander Devlin comes along with all of his suave British charm. He’s the kind of man your mama warned you about. Arrogant, sexy, and dangerous to a woman’s heart. He’s also my boss. Which should make him off limits… Except he doesn’t seem to think so.

This sexy swimmer is out to seduce me, and I can only resist him for so long.