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Julia Jarett lives on the West Coast of Canada and writes small-town romances full of relatable heroines and swoon-worthy heroes.

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Hate to Want You coming April 5th

Heidi Morgan is off limits. As a resident at my hospital, working under me as her attending, she is – by my rules – the definition of forbidden.

She’s also the definition of temptation, and a daily reminder of a ghost from my past. A reminder I really don’t want.

Dare to Kiss You is Available Now

I assumed my secret crush on my next door neighbor would stay just that – a secret.

Until my best friend dared me to ask Hunter Callaghan out.

I never turn down a dare…

Authors Note: This book was previously published as a much shorter novella, entitled Lovestruck. It has undergone extensive editing and expanding to bring you this new story, designed to introduce readers to The Donnelly family and the Dogwood Cove world.

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When I left Dogwood Cove eighteen years ago, Ethan Monroe was nothing more than my best friend’s older brother. A lot has changed over the years, for both of us. No matter what I do, my feelings for him now are a lot more than friendly. Coming back after all this time is meant to be the start of the life I’ve always dreamed of. And Ethan might just be the missing piece that puts my heart back together.

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