Hate to Want You

A workplace, enemies to lovers, small town romance (The Donnellys of Dogwood Cove Book 2)

Man holding a woman and kissing her forehead. Mountains landscape with lake.

Doctor Heidi Morgan is off limits. She’s an unwelcome reminder of the worst day of my life, and my new resident.

She’s the definition of forbidden, and I hate that I want her anyway.

Every chance Heidi gets, she’s testing the limits of my patience and my control. It should be easy to push her away; to convince myself not to trust her, or worse, give in to the intense pull I feel whenever she’s around.

But restraint is never easy.

Her seductively sweet smile and perfect curves keep me up at night with dirty thoughts I really shouldn’t be having. With every word we exchange, every touch we share, the fire she’s ignited in me is shifting from frustration into something else. Something far more risky.

It’s starting to feel like only a matter of time before I lose control and let her into my heart. I just have to find a way not to lose myself at the same time.

Hate To Want You is perfect for fans of steamy small town romance centered around a big family who love to get in each other’s business. It has plenty of swoon, plenty of spice, light hearted banter, quirky small town vibes, low angst and a guaranteed HEA. It is a standalone, and the second full length novel in the Donnellys of  Dogwood Cove series.


Please be aware that this book largely takes place on the pediatric floor of a hospital. There are several instances of sick children, and there is one death of a child due to cystic fibrosis. Dedicated care and attention was put into these scenes, including the use of sensitivity readers (parents of children with CF) to ensure these scenes were accurate as well as sensitive to how these scenes may land for readers.

Please read with caution if reading about pediatric illness is a trigger for you.