Pretend to Love You

A fake dating, grumpy sunshine, small town romance (The Donnellys of Dogwood Cove Book 3)

Man standing behind women embracing her with his hand on her cheek. Mountains landscape with lake. Pretend to Love You (Donnellys at Dogwood Cove Book 3) by Julia Jarrett

I agree to fake date my little sister’s best friend, never expecting I’d fall in love.

My professional hockey career is over thanks to a busted leg from one too many hits into the boards. Coming home to Dogwood Cove to figure out my next steps is the best option I’ve got, even if I’m in a dark place where not even my nosy family can lift my grumpy mood.

But Lily isn’t deterred, and her sunshine alone pierces the darkness. She’s the physical therapist tasked with helping me recover, and she’s helping heal more than just my broken body. So when she needs my help, I don’t hesitate to step up.

Falling for her starts out innocent enough. Lily needs a date to a family wedding, one that promises to be more torture than celebration. 

Now, thanks to an overbooked hotel with only one bed, two gossiping bridesmaids, and a three minute slow dance… the entire town, including our families, thinks we’re dating.

To save face we decide to keep the ruse going.

There’s just one problem: What I’m feeling for Lily is anything but pretend.

She thinks my future is still in hockey, but I know differently. My future is with her.


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