Work and Play

A workplace, grumpy sunshine, forced proximity romance (Dogwood Cove Book 3)

Couple sitting next to each other in front of a wine barrel. Work and Play by Julia Jarrett.

Sharing a rental house with a hot guy? Check

Finding out that hot guy is  my new boss? Check.

My new boss clearly not wanting me there? You guessed it, check.

Landing an interior design job at Finn McNeil’s new winery in Dogwood Cove is supposed to be my fresh start. Let’s just say things aren’t going as planned: It’s clear he doesn’t want my help. 

Not to mention he’s grumpy, stubborn, and annoyingly sexy.

But I’m determined to win him over with my charm and professionalism. Not only do I need this job, but this town has become more than a place to earn a living, it’s become home. 

When we start to blur the lines between work and play, things start to get complicated. Are we headed for disaster, or is this the perfect blend for love?

Work and Play is the ultimate steamy small town romance, for fans of forced proximity, a quirky heroine who knows what she wants, and a winemaker who’s determined to avoid her.This book is for readers who love grumpy-sunshine banter, a dirty talking hero, a close friend group, small town vibes, low angst and high heat with a guaranteed HEA. This is the third book in the Dogwood Cove series and can be read as a standalone, although the series is best enjoyed if read in order.


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