Dare to Kiss You

A secret crush, neighbours to lovers, small town romance (The Donnelly of Dogwood Cove Book 1)

Couple in an embrace with foreheads touching. Mountain landscape with lake and pine trees.

How did I end up dating my off-limits next door neighbour? It all began with a dare.

In hindsight, I should have figured out that Kat Donnelly’s secret crush on me rivaled my own. But in my defense, she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, with a kind heart and smart mind to match.

Which naturally makes her way out of my league.

She’s got dreams and ambitions bigger than a small-town police officer could ever offer, and all I have is a lifetime of being not-good-enough.

Then there are her four older brothers who’ve made it clear to me and every other first responder in Dogwood Cove that she is off limits.

But when Kat’s best friend dares her to ask me out, I can’t resist the only person to see beneath the surface to the secrets I’ve tried to hide?

The problem is, with small towns and big families, nothing stays a secret for long.


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