The Donnellys of Dogwood Cove
Dogwood Cove

For fans of small town romance with the right amount of heartfelt emotions, low angst, and high heat, comes the Dogwood Cove series. Follow this group of close knit friends who are the definition of a found family, as they encounter unexpected loves, and heartwarming journeys to their happily ever after. Romance readers looking for a light and easy – but definitely steamy – escape are sure to fall in love with this fictional Canadian small town. 

Westmount Island

This trilogy of novellas follows the three Michaels’ sisters as they find their way to forever love. Who knew ferry boats could be so romantic? Set on a fictional island, these steamy stories focus on instant connections between lovers, as well as the sisterly bonds that brings the three women closer together. Perfect for readers looking for quick, light novellas that pack a full story into just a few pages.

Lucky Strike Lovers

The debut series from romance author Julia Jarrett follows a group of friends navigating life, and love, on their journey to happily ever after. Set around a fictional brew pub in Portland, The Lucky Strike Lovers Quartet is the perfect series for readers wanting quick and easy reads, with heartfelt stories, low angst, and plenty of heat.