Fake the Game

(Vancouver Tridents Book 2)

I’m the bad boy of baseball. And she’s the good girl who’s meant to repair my image. Falling in love with my pretend girlfriend is not part of the plan…

My life is a mess. My career is in serious jeopardy because of one stupid decision that had disastrous results. I’m stuck on the injured list, for who knows how long, and losing endorsements because of my reckless behaviour.

It’s only a matter of time before my team decides I’m too much trouble to keep around.

The last thing I should be doing is swooping in to rescue a perfect stranger from some jerk at a bar – because of course a photo gets taken of her in my arms.

Now the last shot I have at holding onto everything that matters, is a curvy redhead who has no idea who I am and isn’t all that impressed by the mess I’ve thrown her into.

For some reason Sadie agrees to help me, and now I’m forced to spend time with a woman who might be the only person to see the real me. A lot of time. Even more so when she moves into my apartment.

With every fake date we go on, her warmth and smiles start to chip away at the ice around my heart. But what can I offer a woman like her? I’m nothing but a reckless asshole and a cocky baseball player with a past I’d rather no one knew about. I don’t let people get close to me, I don’t do relationships.

But when our arrangement comes to an end, I can’t bring myself to walk away. 

How can I convince my fake girlfriend to give me a real chance when the secrets from my past won’t stay hidden?