Passion and Promises

A Dogwood Cove novella collection

Man and women are facing each other in an embrace. Passion and Promises (A Dogwood Cove Novella Collection) by Julia Jarrett

Welcome to Dogwood Cove. Where the beautiful scenery is outmatched only by the swoon-worthy men who live there. Are you ready for six short but steamy love stories set in your favourite Canadian small town?

This box set contains six Dogwood Cove novellas, including two never before published stories. While it is not necessary to have read the main Dogwood Cove novels to enjoy these stories, it is recommended.

Wheels and Devotion
When Dean shows up to help a woman stranded on the side of the highway as a favour to a friend, he’s not expecting to fall in love. But Riley captures his heart in an instant, and even after she leaves, he can’t stop thinking about the fiercely strong woman who has faced so much adversity but still shines brighter than the sun. When Riley moves to Dogwood Cove, there’s no denying that what they have, is forever.

Seduction and Song
Two years ago, Emma had the hottest night of her life with country star Nash. She never expected to see him again, until the universe puts them together again at the Dogwood Cove summer solstice festival. When Nash asks for a second chance, how can Emma resist? But the lights and fame aren’t as glamorous as they seem, and finding their way to love will take more than a song.

Flowers and Flirting
A hedgehog named Winston, a mechanical bull, a tattooed virgin florist, and an older woman. See what happens when readers give the prompts, and the author writes the story in this never before published novella set in the Dogwood Cove world.

Secrets and Mistletoe
All Abby wanted was one night to do something for herself. Kissing a hot stranger was the perfect ending. Until that stranger turned out to be her daughter’s new principal. But Reid’s not letting Abby go easily, not when the single mom has him dreaming of so much more. Christmas miracles do come true, especially when there’s mistletoe involved.

Love and Leashes
Kelly has had a crush on Jensen since they were high school friends. Which means letting him and his dog Oliver live with her after his divorce should be no problem right? Until Jensen decides he’s ready to start dating again, only to realize the woman he’s meant to be with is the one who’s been by his side all along.

Vows and Promises
Summer and Ethan, the original Dogwood Cove couple are getting married in the tropics, and they’re taking all their friends with them. Catch up with your favourite Dogwood Cove couples in this short story that was originally a newsletter exclusive for Julia Jarrett readers.


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