Rumours and Romance

A fake-relationship, small town romance (Dogwood Cove Book 2)

Couple snuggling in bed. Man is kissing women's cheek. Book title, Rumours and Romance by Julia Jarrett.

Jackson Holt and I have a mutual problem, with an obvious solution. A fake relationship is the perfect way for both of us to get what we want.

The sinfully handsome new veterinarian in Dogwood Cove needs to show his boss he’s settling down and here to stay so that he can secure his partnership. I need to get my family and friends off my back so I can focus on my busy bakery, and open my new cafe.

Pretending to date each other is no hardship, and the answer to our problems. Two birds, one little white lie of a stone.

The challenge will be avoiding the very real feelings neither of us see coming.

Rumours and Romance is the perfect fake relationship that leads to real love. For fans of steamy small town love stories, with a couple who choose to be child-free, adorable animals, found family friend groups, low angst and high heat romance with a guaranteed HEA. This is the second book in the Dogwood Cove series and can be read as a standalone, although the series is best enjoyed if read in order.

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