Truth and Temptation

An opposites attract, secret identity, billionaire romance (Dogwood Cove Book 4)

Man with open shirt showing his abs and woman with long hair and glasses snuggling up behind him leaning over his shoulder at a book store. Book Title, Truth and Temptation by Julia Jarrett.

Wyatt Crawford is everything I’m not. Charming, fearless, and…experienced. He’s also hiding something from me.

When he first walks into my small bookstore, I find myself overwhelmed by my instant reaction to him, and more than a little intrigued. Then we run into each other again, and again. And each time leaves me a little breathless – in a good way for once in my life.

Wyatt is only in Dogwood Cove temporarily, so exploring these new feelings I’m having is a bad idea. But the more I’m around him, the more I find myself wondering if what my friends say about their, ahem, intimate relationships is in fact accurate. 

Perhaps I was wrong to think my lackluster experiences are what I must settle for.

Except Wyatt is holding something back. I can see the broken pieces of him lurking beneath his tattooed, charismatic exterior. 

We couldn’t be more different, yet he makes me feel as if I finally belong somewhere. With someone. 

Until the truth of who he is, and all the scars he’s hiding, come to light.

Truth and Temptation is a heartwarming, swoony love story, perfect for readers who enjoy steamy small town romance with a heroine who has no idea what she’s missing in her love life, and a broken alpha hero determined to help her figure it out. Readers who want a dash of angst and a heavy dose of spice, with characters who help heal each other, and grow together as they fall in love with a guaranteed HEA. It is the fourth book in the Dogwood Cove series and can be read as a standalone, although the series is best enjoyed if read in order.


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