Truth and Temptation

An opposites attract, secret identity, billionaire romance (Dogwood Cove Book 4)

Man with open shirt showing his abs and woman with long hair and glasses snuggling up behind him leaning over his shoulder, the couple is in front of a book shelf. Truth and Temptation by Julia Jarrett.

When my job lands me in Dogwood Cove, I have no intention of pretending to be someone I’m not.  I especially didn’t intend to fall for a cautious, small-town bookstore owner who brings out a side of me I was convinced no longer existed.

We couldn’t be more opposite, but I can’t seem to stay away from her.

The problem is, if Paige knew the truth of who I was, how broken I really am, she’d run in the other direction. My emotional scars run deep, the chains of guilt weigh me down.

So when the truth comes to light, will I lose the love that has changed me forever?

Truth and Temptation is a heartwarming, swoony love story, perfect for readers who enjoy steamy small town romance with a heroine who has no idea what she’s missing in her love life, and a broken alpha hero determined to help her figure it out. Readers who want a dash of angst and a heavy dose of spice, with characters who help heal each other, and grow together as they fall in love with a guaranteed HEA. It is the fourth book in the Dogwood Cove series and can be read as a standalone, although the series is best enjoyed if read in order.