Always and Forever

I’ve spent most of my life looking for a place to call home; I never expected to find it in the arms of Ethan Monroe.

It’s been eighteen years since I saw him, and in that time he went from the boy I knew to the seriously hot mayor of the small town we grew up in. I’m talking plaid-wearing, scruff-bearing, panty-melting gorgeous.

I came back to deal with my estranged father’s will and figure out what to do with the run-down beachfront resort he decided to leave me, not to fall in love.

But the resort needs a lot of work, and Ethan is ready to help. He makes a tool belt look good  and watching him lift heavy loads is making me wish we were more than just friends. And if the looks he gives me are any indication, that attraction goes both ways.

Except I’ve got trust issues that can’t be repaired with a hammer and nails, and my wounded heart is only just beginning to heal.

Coming back to Dogwood Cove might just be the answer to everything I’ve ever searched for. Could Ethan be the reason moving back feels so right?

Rumours and Romance

We said we wouldn’t fall for each other.

Turns out, that was as big of a lie as the relationship everyone thinks we’re having.

Jackson Holt is the new vet in town, and he’s exactly the kind of man I would want… If I wanted a man, that is. But I don’t. At least not right now. I don’t have the time or the desire to date, not while I’m trying to expand my bakery. Besides, he’s been hurt before, and claims he has no intention of letting anyone into his heart. We can be friends, and just ignore the rumours that fly about there being more to it than that.

Except my friends think I’m lonely, and his boss wants him to set down roots before offering him a promotion. So why not turn our friendship into something that benefits us both, without any of the hassle of actually being in a relationship?

But what happens when fake dating turns into real feelings?

A real mess. And maybe, also the start of real love… 

Work and Play

Work and Play is the third in the Dogwood Cove series of contemporary, small town romance set in Western Canada.

Coming January 2022