Dare to Marry You Bonus Scene

My Kitty Kat,

How do I start a letter that is meant to capture every piece of my love for you? Is it even possible to put to words what you mean to me?

I guess it’s a good thing we decided to do this instead of trying to stand up in front of everyone and say it out loud. At least this way I can take my time. You’ll never know how many times I change what I want to say, how many words I delete because they just aren’t enough.

Because there will never be enough minutes in a day, words in my head, or breaths in my body to show you how much I love you.

You have brought me so much more happiness and hope for our life together. More than I ever dreamed would be possible for a guy who never expected to amount to anything. But you’ve taught me I deserve to dream big. And guess what, Kitty Kat. All of my dreams? Include you by my side.

There is no version of my future that doesn’t include you and the family we’re creating. No version that would ever be worth living. You are the light, the love, the joy, the peace in my life. You are my reason for being, my reason for working every damn day to be the best man I can be. The man you deserve.

So here is what I promise you.

I promise to support you, encourage you, uplift you, comfort you, and protect you.

I promise to be the man who helps you reach your dreams. No matter how big or small.

I promise to stay humble, vulnerable, honest, and open. No more secrets.

I promise to walk with you in darkness and light, and to never be afraid to ask when I need you to do the same.

I promise to never let you leave or fall asleep without a hug and a kiss.

Most importantly I promise to tell you I love you every single day. More than once. Probably more than twice.

Because your love for me and my love for you, it’s a forever thing Kitty Kat. And there’s absolutely nothing in this entire universe that could ever change that.

I’m so proud to finally be your husband.

Thank you.

I love you.





Dear Hunter,

When I suggested we write letters instead of saying personalized vows, I thought I was doing it to make things easier for you. Then the more I thought about what I wanted to say, the more I realized I would never be able to say what I want to say in front of our friends and family.

I could never say (without turning into a blubbering mess) how proud I am of you. How much I admire you, and how I am amazed every single day that a man as wonderful as you, is mine for all time.

Your strength, your joyful energy, your dedication to everyone you care about, those are just a small fraction of everything that makes you the man I love.

When I look at you, I don’t see a man with anxiety or dyslexia. I see a man who has worked hard to overcome any challenge put in his way. I see a man that has faced his demons, and walked through the fires, only to come out the other side with more empathy and inner strength than most could ever dream of having.

We agreed to write out our promises to each other, so here are mine:

I promise to never let you forget that you are worthy of love and happiness.

I promise to always help you see that you are a man that is respected by many, and loved by many more.

I promise to meet you hug for hug, kiss for kiss.

I promise to be your best friend, your lover, your wife, and now the mother of your children, until my last breath. And after I draw that last breath, I promise my spirit will find yours, because we are destined for eternity.

I love you, Hunter. You are the very best thing to ever happen to me, and I can’t wait to spend forever with you.

Love, Kat

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