One Night to Win You Bonus Scene


      1. Toys and tongue — at the same time
      2. Sex under the stars
      3. Blindfolded sex
      4. Make a sex tape
      5. Be surprised with a romantic bubble bath
      6. Explore the back door
      7. Drive him wild with a strip tease
      8. Use a cock ring
      9. Be whisked away on a sexcation
      10. Play with food in the bedroom
      11. Sex on a firetruck
      12. Use a toy on Sawyer
      13. Fool around in public
      14. Re-enact chapter twelve from Fates Align
      15. Fuck Tori when she’s wearing my uniform


Sawyer’s additions to my bucket list appear out of thin air. On any random day I might find a folded piece of paper on the bed or on my desk, and when I open it up, there’s the damn list, with something more added. Some of them just make me laugh and shake my head. Some of them… Well some of them have been really fun.

But this latest addition? I mean… That could be hot. I found it in our bathroom, propped up against the window when I went to take a shower.

Once I’m dressed, I fold the paperback up and stuff it in the back pocket of my jeans. Cooper is with his grandparents on the mainland for a weekend, and once Sawyer gets off work tonight, he and I have twenty-four hours to ourselves. He’s made me promise we won’t leave the house.

Unfortunately, several hours stand between me and my sextravaganza weekend as my ridiculous boyfriend called it this morning when he whispered goodbye to me in the early hours. Several hours of me trying to write my next book, while also waiting to see if he comes home with his uniform.

Talk about making it hard to focus.


The front door bursts open shortly after seven pm. “Honey, I’m home!” Sawyer’s voice booms down the hall. I check myself in the mirror one last time, adjusting the fire-engine red lingerie set I decided to put on. Uniform or not, we’re starting this weekend off right.

But when I walk out of the bathroom, Sawyer’s leaning against the doorframe of our bedroom, wearing his turnout jacket and helmet.

The juxtaposition of the sexy pose with the half-uniform has a giggle bursting out of me before I can stop myself.

“Holy fuck, angel, are you trying to give me a heart attack?” He drops his hand from the top of the door frame, and stalks over to me, grabbing my hips and tugging me in close. I have to lean back to avoid being knocked in the head by his helmet, but his reaction has me grinning.


“Didn’t you see my message?” he asks, lifting the helmet off and dipping his head down to kiss my neck. “You’re disrupting my plans with your sexy little getup.”

“I saw it. I just thought this could be a part of your plan.” I wrap my arms around his neck as he lifts his head and kisses me firmly on the lips. He moans into our kiss as I open and tangle my tongue with his.

“Damn, baby. You make everything better.”

He doesn’t stop kissing me but his hands fall away from my body making me whimper. Next thing I know, the heavy weight of his uniform jacket is settling over my shoulders. It smells of smoke, but also of Sawyer. He smacks one more kiss to my lips, then sets the helmet on my head, and takes a step back.

Lifting his hand to rub against his jaw, he shakes his head slowly. “That’s it. You need to marry me.”

“What?” I laugh.

He closes the distance between us, grabbing the lapels of the jacket and using them to hold me close. “You. Me. Married. Just say yes.”

My eyes start to glisten, because as crazy as this might be for a proposal, he means it. I know he does. This is just how he is, how we are. Crazy, and unexpected, and perfect.


He grins, kissing me far too briefly, before spinning away and marching over to the dresser. He opens the bottom drawer and reaches to the back as I hold back a sob.

“I want you to know I did actually have something more romantic planned for tomorrow. But seeing you like this, knowing you’re all mine? I can’t wait any longer.” He turns around as he stands, a black box in his hand.

When he opens it, a stunning diamond solitaire glints out at me. “Oh Sawyer,” I sigh as he lifts my shaky hand in his and goes to slide the ring on.

“Will you marry me, Tori?” He asks, his tone serious now.

Happy tears are free falling now. “I already said yes,” I reply simply, staring down at the ring.

“I know, but I want to hear it again.” He smiles softly, his thumb brushing away the tears.

“Yes, I’ll marry you,” comes my whispered reply as his lips brush against my cheek.

He drops soft kisses over my skin, moving down to the valley between my breasts before looking back up at me, love shining from his gaze.

“Now. Back to number fifteen…”


Start Dogwood Cove from the Beginning
Always and Forever (Dogwood Cove Book 1)

He’s my childhood best friend’s older brother, and he’s determined to convince me to stay in Dogwood Cove, with him, forever.

Coming home to Dogwood Cove after eighteen years away is bittersweet. But running into Ethan Monroe has me wondering why I put it off for so long.

He isn’t the boy I played hide and seek with as a child anymore. Now he’s the seriously hot, plaid wearing, scruff bearing, mayor of this small town. A man who can sweep me off my feet, and make me feel safe, all at the same time.

Except I didn’t come back here looking for love. My estranged father is dead, and because of an unexpected inheritance, I find myself learning the truth of everything I lost when my mother moved us away.

Through it all, Ethan’s right by my side. And with every day that passes, he’s helping me to see that coming back to Dogwood Cove could be the start of the life I’ve always dreamed of.