Truth and Temptation Bonus Scene


I love my fiancée. Deeply. But I swear to fucking God, if she doesn’t stop spouting the injury statistics for zip-lining, I might go crazy.

“Paige, do you really think I would let anything happen to you?” I say, my exasperation evident in my voice.

Paige is gnawing on her lower lip, and my thumb lifts up to free it, gently stroking across her full mouth.

“No, I don’t. But Wyatt, the prevalence of fractures and other injuries while zip-lining are nearly as high as for rock climbing. How can we ignore those statistics?”

“Baby, I go rock climbing almost every weekend. Have I ever broken a bone?” I say, rubbing her arms soothingly. Christ, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself with that. Paige’s eyes narrow, and instead of seeming reassured, she appears to be steeling her resolve, so I hurry to continue. I’d been saving this as my ace in the hole in case she tried to back out. Paige hates going back on anything she says. “Besides, you are the one who told me you wanted to try new things. In fact, I believe your exact words were, ‘Wyatt, I want you to help me be more adventurous.’ So, being your loving fiancé —” I wink, knowing she melts every time I call myself that “— I came up with an activity that is safe for your asthma, but still meets the adventurous requirement. Zip-lining is safe, and you’ll be attached to me the whole time.” I see the second she lets go of her fear. That’s what always amazes me about Paige. She can be nervous, hell, even terrified, and she’ll still push through that fear. She just needs time, and logic, to do so.

“Alright. Despite your blatantly inaccurate assumption that your lack of injuries while rock climbing has anything to do with the chance of injury occurring during this activity, I do accept that your concern for my well-being is significant. If you believe we will be safe and unharmed, barring any unforeseen extenuating circumstances beyond your control, then I acquiesce. Let’s zip.”

I’m fighting back a smile. Sometimes I interrupt her rambling with a kiss, and sometimes I let her beautifully brilliant brain run free, and just enjoy her dignified way of speaking, giant words and all.

“I don’t think they say ‘let’s zip,’ baby, but yeah, let’s do it.”

She gives me a small smile and threads her hand with mine, squeezing it so tightly my fingers might go numb. But she doesn’t resist when I lead her over to where the staff await to take us on our private zip-line tour between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, soaring over the valleys and rivers that make this province of ours so damn beautiful. It took some convincing to get them to let us go tandem, but after I proved my skills and experience were up to it, they were happy to make it happen. And thank God, because I don’t think Paige would be doing this if she didn’t know I would have her every step of the way.

Fifteen minutes later, we’re strapped together in a harness that I personally carefully inspected. I can sense she’s breathing rapidly, and I lean down to whisper in her ear.

“Breathe, baby. I’ve got you. Slow, in and out.”

Paige falls into the rhythm of pursed lip breathing that she normally does when her asthma is flaring, except I’m confident that this time, it’s a self-calming mechanism. After two years together, I know her mannerisms, and I know that right now, she’s okay. Nervous, but okay.

Once I feel her breathing rate slow down, I press a kiss to the side of Paige’s neck, the only space I can reach. “Ready?” Her head bobs up and down rapidly. It’s now or never, so I take the steps for the both of us, and then we’re airborne.

Paige’s shriek is lost in the wind blowing past us as we defy gravity, flying over the trees. But I hear the moment when she starts to enjoy herself, as her laughter hits my ears. The first stretch is over quickly, and as soon as we’re unstrapped by the staff on the platform, Paige whirls around and flings her arms tightly around my neck.

“Wyatt, that was incredible. Absolutely magical. I can’t believe how it felt. We were flying!” She’s shouting in my ear but there’s no way I’m stopping her excitement. I hold her tighter, and my lips find hers in a crushing kiss.

“I love you, Wyatt,” she mumbles against my mouth.

“I love you, Paige.”

“Let’s go again!” She pulls away and turns around to face the staff, who are looking on with amused faces. “Can we do the next one now?”


Back at the condo I rented for the weekend, Paige is still buzzing with excitement. The entire drive home from the zip line tour, she didn’t stop talking about the experience. But I’ve got something else on my mind other than zip-lining now.

Once we’re inside, I lock the door behind her, and as she walks into the kitchen and fills a glass with water, I strip off my shirt. She still hasn’t looked my way, so I kick off my shoes, pull off my socks, and undo my pants. I walk up to the low counter that separates the kitchen from the rest of the condo and rest my elbows down on the cold granite counter.

“Baby. I love how happy you are, and I’m thrilled you enjoyed zip-lining.”

My smart girl hears the raw need in my voice. I watch her pivot slowly around to face me, and her eyes take in my half nude state. What she can’t see is my rock-hard dick pressing against the confines of my pants. That’s hidden by the counter. When her hand lifts to push her glasses up her nose, only to encounter air, courtesy of the contact lenses she had to wear for the zip line, she swallows instead, and I watch the delicate muscles of her throat contract. Oh yeah. I’ve got her attention now. I push off the counter and back up slowly. When I’m certain she can see everything, I bring my hands to the top of my pants. Her gaze drops down and her pupils dilate slightly when she sees the considerable bulge.

“I was thinking a soak in the hot tub sounded good,” I say casually as I start to lower my pants, taking my boxers with them. It’s not exactly easy to work them over my erection, but when it pops free, I’m rewarded with her audible gasp. I push my pants all the way off and step out of them before bringing one hand to lazily stroke my dick.

“Are you going to join me?” I ask, my voice hoarse with desire.

Paige’s tongue darts out to lick her lips as she nods. Satisfied, I turn and walk to the sliding glass doors that lead to the private rooftop. The hot tub is situated behind some large plants, sheltering us from any prying eyes from other buildings. The view is spectacular, looking out over one of the small lakes that dot the Whistler Valley. I sink down into the steaming water and settle against one of the walls of the hot tub and wait. Minutes later, I hear the door open and close. I’m facing the other direction so she can’t see my smile of anticipation. Over the last two years, my girl has become more and more in touch with her sexy side. And let me tell you…she is S-E-X-Y. Sure, some innuendos still go over her head, but we understand each other just fine.

“Should I save the statistics on bacteria in communal hot tubs for later?” Her low, teasing voice wraps around me.

I let out a throaty chuckle. “Definitely.”

She slips into the water and finally I let myself look at her. She’s low enough that only the barest hint of the curve of her breasts is visible above water. But I’m intimately familiar with what lays beneath the tendrils of steam. And the fact that she joined me out here, naked, tells me she’s ready for what I have planned.

As soon as she’s within reach, my hand snakes out and grabs her, pulling her onto my lap. The instant her body meets my rigid cock, I groan, partly in relief, partly in anticipation. But this isn’t what I had in mind, no matter how much I want to slide into her warmth.

I stand up with her in my arms, and quickly spin around to set her on the edge of the tub.

“I need to taste you, baby,” I mutter as my lips find a path down the slope of one breast to pull her nipple into my mouth.

“Here? But wait. Can anyone see?”

I anticipated her reaction. Which is exactly why I scoped out the rooftop earlier today. Lifting my head, I look Paige in the eyes so she can see the truth. “No. I promise you, it’s private. No one will see me devouring you. But they might hear you scream my name once or twice. Maybe three times if I’m feeling generous.” I flash her a grin that promises all of the dirty things I plan on doing to her, then I lower my head back down to her body and lick, kiss, nip, and suck my way down her smooth torso, tracing the pattern of freckles that I can’t get enough of.

“Wyatt,” she moans when my head and hands reach the top of her thighs. She opens for me without hesitation.

I murmur “good girl,” knowing how it affects her, and sure enough, one of her hands anchors in my hair, holding me exactly where we both want me to be. I don’t waste another second without tasting her sweetness. Even with the tang of chlorine on her skin, she’s irresistible. Addictive. My tongue slides between her slick folds, swirling and teasing with shallow dips inside.

“Oh God, please. Just…please, Wyatt,” she starts to beg, and I comply. Finding her stiff clit I flick it lightly once, twice, then settle in with a hard suck that has her crying out my name as her hips lift to meet my mouth.

“That’s one,” I rumble against her skin when she finally settles. Her low laugh is all the motivation I need. Keeping one hand holding her steady on her low back I slide two fingers of my other hand in between her legs and straight into her heat. Her muscles immediately clamp down on me as she groans at the intrusion, but I don’t let up. In, twist, out. In, twist, out. The rhythm that shoots her into ecstasy faster than anything. And tonight is no exception, as she’s again screaming within minutes.


“Oh God, I can’t. Wyatt, seriously, I can’t.” Paige’s hands try to lift my head up from her lap, but I’m stronger and manage to pull away with a slow shake of my head.

“Yes, baby, you definitely can. And you will.”

And minutes later, I prove I was right.



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