Work and PLay Bonus Scene


“I just can’t believe how beautiful it is. It’s like something out of a fairy tale.” Ashley sighs as she rests her head on my shoulder, and I turn to kiss her soft hair. 

We’re slowly making our way down the colourful streets of Colmar, the city in the Alsace region of France that is closest to my family’s home, back to the hotel where we’re staying. When we first arrived in France, we did the whole Paris thing, acting like tourists. But then we headed north, to see my grandfather’s winery and meet my mother’s family. It might seem odd to visit family as part of your honeymoon, but when Ashley suggested it, I knew it was what we had to do. It’s the closest we’ll ever come to her meeting the man who shaped who I am today.

“Does that make me the handsome prince who gets to carry you off into the sunset?” I say, my voice light and full of love. This woman makes me happier than I ever thought possible, and in this moment, on the cobblestone streets of Colmar, there is nothing in the world better than the feel of her in my arms.

She tilts her head up to look at me, and her smile is gently teasing. “I mean, you’re a little scruffy for Prince Charming, but there’s no one else I want to see every sunset for the rest of my life with.” Her hand comes up to rub against my cheek, where it’s true, I’ve let my facial hair grow. The sounds she makes when I go down on her and scratch the inside of her thighs was all the motivation I needed to ditch the razor.

I lean down to whisper in her ear. “How ‘bout instead of a sunset, I make you see stars tonight…”

Her full body shiver reverberates through me, and her arm tightening on my waist brings a smug grin to my face. Our footsteps quicken, and minutes later we’re bursting through the door to our hotel room.

Clothes come off in a flurry of movement until Ashley puts her hand on my chest and pushes me away. The only sound in the room is our heavy breathing, and I can see from the hooded look in her eyes that she’s halfway drunk on pleasure.

“Wait,” she breathes. “I need a moment.”

My hand comes up to cover hers gently. But she pulls away, and gives me a wicked smirk before walking backwards slowly. I watch, anticipation pounding through my veins as she grabs something from a drawer and dances into the bathroom.

“Babe?” I call out as she closes the door between us.

“Hang on. It’ll be worth it, I promise,” she says in a singsong voice. “Meet me on the bed.”

A low chuckle escapes me, but I do as she says and finish pulling off my clothes before stretching out on the bed. My cock is semi-erect already, resting on my stomach, and my hand drifts down on its own accord to slowly strokes the length. I let my gaze softly close, and images from the last few days flash through my mind. Ashley walking through the vines of my family’s vineyard, turning to look at me over her shoulder. Wine tasting with my aunt and uncle, dinner under the candlelight at their chateau.

“Damn, I wish I had a camera right now.” Ashley’s sultry voice has my eyes snapping open. And instantly my jaw drops, and if I were a cartoon character my eyes would be bugging out of my head.

“You and me both, sweet girl.” My voice is gravelly and low, full of pure lust as I drink in the sight of my wife standing before me.

Her hands are on her hips — her royal blue lace covered hips. “Oh fuck. Are those garters?” I groan as she struts toward me, her hips swaying.

“Mmhmm,” she purrs, a smile covering her beautiful face. “You like?” Slowly she lifts her hands up and runs them down the curves of her body, drifting gently over her breasts, cupped by more blue lace, down her hips, where her ass peeks out from those sexy as fuck panties, and down the lines of those goddamn garters.

I’m fully hard now, throbbing, aching, desperately hard. Seeing Ashley tap into her sexy side is almost more than I can handle.

“Come here, wife,” I growl as she gets on her hands and knees and crawls up the bed. As soon as I can reach her, my hands are lifting her up and into my lap so that my cock is nestled between her lacey legs. I groan at the sensation, the gentle scratch of the lace along my sensitive length. I thrust my hips up sharply and am rewarded by Ashley arching back with a moan, her hair cascading down her back to tickle the tops of my thighs.

“Stop teasing me, Finn,” she whispers, her eyes piercing me with their molten heat. When her nails lightly scratch my chest as she leans down to meet my lips with a kiss, I find myself gripping the sheets to stop from tearing the thin scrap of fabric that holds her panties on her body. I don’t want to ruin these…they need to make a repeat appearance. Often.

But I can’t keep my hands off of my wife for long, and soon I’m roaming across her soft skin as she undulates over me, our bodies connected at every point possible. I know her, intimately. I know every slope and curve, all of the spots that make her gasp, smile, or my favourite — cascade into release.


First, I want to drive her wild.

In a move I’ve managed to perfect over the past year, I flip us over so that I’m on all fours, hovering over Ashley. Her long hair is spread out on the pillow, and I can’t wait to tangle my hands in those thick strands.

“You look like you’re going to devour me,” she murmurs, and I let my grin widen.

“That’s the plan.”

Starting slowly, I kiss my way down her torso, letting my tongue run over the lace covered tips of her breasts. The combination of her addictive scent, the scratch of the lace, and the sound of her breathing is sending me into sensation overdrive. I swirl around her belly button, feeling her clench underneath me. That’s one of her gasp inducing spots. My hand drifts up, two fingers parting her lips. She knows what to do and sucks them in greedily, making my cock jump.

Patience, big guy.

When she releases my fingers with a pop, I flash her a wicked smile before zeroing in on my target. One hand slides the damp lace to the side, while the other comes to play. Thumbing her clit in light circles, I watch her face carefully to see what she needs.

Eyes closed, mouth open.

Yeah, she’s ready.

My lips replace my thumb with a gentle kiss to her clit, but all it takes is the small squeak that I knew was coming before I’m sucking deeply. My tongue finds its way up and down her slit, and those fingers she so generously sucked for me are sliding in and out of her, curling at the end. Within minutes her voice is keening my name, and her core is squeezing my fingers in rhythmic waves. I find her clit with my mouth, and once again suck on it gently until I get exactly what I wanted: Ashley’s hands tugging at my hair and her voice shouting my name as her entire body spasms in a spectacular orgasm.

Staying with her through it all, my lips pressing kisses all over and my hands gently stroking her sides, I make my way back up to the top of the bed. I love how greedily she reaches for my face, without a single care for the fact that I have traces of her pleasure all over my mouth.

We stay there for a minute, kissing each other and letting Ashley recover. I’m desperate for her, but I always am. It’s become a permanent state of being, wanting her.

“You’re very good at that, mister tall, dark, and scruffy,” Ashley whispers, her hands coming to my chest. A low chuckle reverberates through me at the old nickname.

“You know what else I’m good at, Mrs. McNeil?”

“Mmm. What?”

“Loving you.” I lift her leg up to drape over my hips, and we come together with perfect precision. There’s something about this angle, the two of us on our sides, twisted together, that hits Ashley in the perfect spot every time. And sure enough, as I slide in and out of her wet heat, our hearts pounding together, she starts to moan into our kiss. But I’m not ready for this to be over so soon.

I break apart and flip Ashley onto her hands and knees. She drops her head down to the pillow, her ass thrust high in the air like a perfect peach. My hands knead her hot flesh as I line up and slide on home again with a groan of my own. Draping myself carefully over her back, I kiss the column of her spine and slowly rock in and out, relishing in the tight hold this position gives my dick.

“I love you, Ashley McNeil,” I mutter against her skin, damp with sweat and smelling of us.

Ashley twists her upper body so she’s partially facing me and fixes me with a stare that turns into a blissful eye roll as I stroke into her again. “Good grief, Finn, I love you, too. But less talky-talky, more sexy-sexy.”

Fuck, I love it when she gets demanding. “Your wish is my command.” Tightening my grip on her hips, I slide back and then slam back into her center.

“Yes!” Ashley cries out, her voice muffled by the pillow “Oh God, yes. Keep going. More.”

Soon, all I can hear is the slap of bodies connecting, my grunts, and her panting my name. We don’t always get this dark and dirty, but fucking hell, I love it when we do.

Just like I love her.

This time when my orgasm comes hurtling at me, I don’t try to stave it off. I reach around to trap her clit between my fingers in a V. Every time she bounces forward with the thrust of my hips, she hits my fingers with a moan and seconds later, Ashley screams out my name and shudders around me, sending me flying off the edge with her.

With a slight shake from the power of my orgasm, I lower myself to the bed and pull my wife back into my chest, curling around her. Pressing a kiss to her hair, I slowly feel my breathing and heart rate return to normal as we lay there in a most peaceful silence.

“I have to say, I’m really glad we aren’t working together anymore.” Ashley’s teasing voice pierces the quiet, and her words make me huff out a chuckle against her skin. Sleep threatens to overtake me, but I want to know where she’s going with this first.

“Why’s that?”

“Because I’m pretty sure what we just did broke all kinds of HR rules.”

I lift up onto my elbow so I can look down at the love of my life. “Yeah, but what about that old saying, ‘All work and no play make for a dull day?’ Or something like that.”

Ashley shakes her head at me. “There will never be a dull day as long as I’m with you.”

I lean down and press a soft kiss to her swollen lips. “Good thing you’ll never have a day without me, then.”

“Just promise me one thing.”

I pause, mid-kiss. “What?”

“Promise me you’ll never jump out of a window to get away from me again?”

“Now that’s an easy promise to make.”

Ashley taps her chin, giving me a mischievous smirk. “Okay then, how about this. Promise to do that…V thing…with your fingers again, really soon?”

My own grin widens. “You liked that?”

She nods, and suddenly I find I’m not so tired anymore.

“Here’s another old saying. ‘Happy wife, happy life.’” Her face softens into my favourite smile, the one that I feel deep in my soul. The one that always makes me kiss her, no matter what.

Because I know how to make my wife happy.

Very happy.

And I plan on doing that for the rest of our lives.


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